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8 posts from March 2013

March 25, 2013

Broderick's Love to Chill

Broderick's love to chill, just when you thought  things couldn't get any cooler, Broderick's have taken delivery of 2 refrigerated vehicles that will enable them to add chilled beverages in their offering,  the major drive was a trial with PepsiCo and their famous fresh Tropicana Pure Premium Juice.

Originally the trial rolled out at Manchester Airport and proved a huge success as most departing flights are in the morning when the juice is most appealing to travellers and airport employees.

The launch was supported by an on screen Tropicana digital campaign that played the company’s latest TV trailers for the product. adding further awareness on the companies HD touch screen vending machines. The adverts will be showcased a further  900.000 times over the next three months as Broderick's and PepsiCo roll out further flavours of the Tropicana range.

Such has been the success that Broderick's have now purchased refrigerated vehicles so the product can become part of their everyday operation in universities and business and industry sites in the Northwest.

Neil Tempest from Pepsico quoted “Broderick’s continue to uphold their reputation for innovation, vision and values by being the first vending operator to offer a chilled Tropicana Pure Premium Juice. Recognising consumers are increasingly looking for healthy, enjoyable products.

Broderick's  have managed to overcome logistical issues investing in refrigerated vehicles and chilled stores and now offer the number one branded juice to provide more nutritious, healthy vending drink options for their consumers.’"


March 22, 2013

Fancy a catch up? Contact Melanie your relationship manager.

MelSome of you may recognise me from promotions; I’m the one that gives out free hot drinks and chocolates! You may not know that I am also here to answer any questions you may have and resolve any issues you may be experiencing. Have your circumstances changed? Are your staff levels higher or lower? Moving? Please feel welcome to get in touch and I can pop over at a time to best suit you.

Call 0161 945 2020 or email me: melaniec@manchestervending.com Linkedin_like

Technology Spot Light: Interactive Touch Screen Range

Are you due an upgrade? Broderick’s are proud to introduce our stunning new media vending dispensing systems. The Touch, Step and Vitro machines combine stunning design with proven robust technology, finished in smoked glass their angular designs are fitted with patented touch screen interfaces that produce coffee shop style drinks on demand. High demand locations suit the Touch or Step floor standing offerings, whilst your drink is being prepared you are captivated by the high definition video streaming, the perfect opportunity to interact with your staff; from delivering important health & safety memos to increasing vending sales by running adverts the opportunity’s with interactive machines are endless! If you have a boardroom or smaller offices why not consider the Vitro. Whether it’s a frothy cappuccino, milky latte or a rich Americano you’re after look no further than this range. With one touch selection, you become the barista delivering drinks in less than 30 seconds. Contact us for a trial on 0161 945 2030.



March 21, 2013

‘Baked to Perfection’ Warburtons Baked Pitta Chips

If you are looking for a healthy alternative to crisps look no further than Warburtons Pitta Chips, made from pitta bread and baked twice for the perfect crunch, making them idea for snacking and dipping. They contain no artificial ingredients and if that wasn’t good enough, they also contain one third less fat than standard potato crisps. Available in tree flavours Chilli Jack, Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar & Sea Salt & Cracked Black Pepper.




Think Pink. Introducing Lucozades limited edition Pink Lemonade…

The UK’s biggest sports and energy brand has launched its first ever pink lemonade flavoured variant to the Lucozade range. You may have noticed the distinctive pink bottles in your machines it is already proving to generate incremental sales for retailers. Refreshing for Spring!

OMG Its pink lemonade



‘No Half Measures’ with Relentless

Designed for those with need of strong stimulation, sold in your machines in 250ml cans of energy drink. In 2007 the first of a range of flavours were introduced, now available in Orange, Tropical, Berry, Sugar Free, Apple & Kiwi & in Feb 2013 Coca Cola launched Relentless Lemon Iced. Which flavour will you try next. For any fans of Professor Green, watch the very first advert for Relentless on your interactive vending machines. Filmed at various locations in London the advert features new brand ambassador Pro Green and alternative rock vocalist Sierra Justerbeck, the ad embodies their ‘No Half Measures’ attitude and signature cinematic imagery. So crank up the volume, sit back and get an eye full of Relentless Energy.



Walkers ‘There’s No Place Like Home Grown’

Walkers are launching 11 irresistible flavours from across the UK, Cheshire Sea Salt, Tomatoes from The Vale of Evesham go into their Prawn Cocktail, Vinegar from Leicester goes into their new Pickled Onion crisps, Summerset Cheddar goes into their Temping Cheddar Cheese and Bacon crisps. Which one will you tuck into today? Enjoy, there’s a bit of Britain in every bag!



March 19, 2013

Available now in our snacks machines, Maltesers "Teasers" bars...

Now you can see your favourite Maltesers the iconic chocolate-coated honeycomb balls in a perfectly formed block format for the very first time and will be available in both single and ‘more to share’ formats. Geoff Bryant Mars Chocolate said: ‘Innovation is at the heart of our business which is why we are extremely proud to be launching our very latest creation – Malteasers Teasers. The launch of this bar is set to reenergise the block category and attract new customers who are looking for a treat or for sharing with friends, colleagues and family’ The launch of ‘Teasers’ is supported by a £4million through-the-line campaign, including a bespoke advert airing now. Look out for the new advert on your touch screen vending machines!