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October 23, 2013

Have You Got The Bottle To Get Rid Of Cans?


Look around you: the 33cl canned drink has virtually disappeared from High Street shops and now, it’s disappearing from vending, too. Were moving to the PET, or plastic bottle, because they do the job so much better. In fact, by the end of Q1, 2014, the change should be complete. Why? Because PET bottles are more robust than cans and they’re much more convenient: not everybody can consume a drink in one go and thanks to screw top lids, bottles can be resealed to be enjoyed later.

PET bottles are just as easily recycled as old fashioned cans, so the extra convenience does not come with a green downside... On top of all that, we’ve been warned by both Coca Cola and Britivic that we should expect price rises on cans in the very near future... So, isn’t it time to ‘can’ the can and big-up the bottle? We stock a huge range of bottled drinks, embracing best selling brands and of course water. To find out more, speak to your Account Manager. You know it makes sense!