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October 23, 2013

Have You Got The Bottle To Get Rid Of Cans?


Look around you: the 33cl canned drink has virtually disappeared from High Street shops and now, it’s disappearing from vending, too. Were moving to the PET, or plastic bottle, because they do the job so much better. In fact, by the end of Q1, 2014, the change should be complete. Why? Because PET bottles are more robust than cans and they’re much more convenient: not everybody can consume a drink in one go and thanks to screw top lids, bottles can be resealed to be enjoyed later.

PET bottles are just as easily recycled as old fashioned cans, so the extra convenience does not come with a green downside... On top of all that, we’ve been warned by both Coca Cola and Britivic that we should expect price rises on cans in the very near future... So, isn’t it time to ‘can’ the can and big-up the bottle? We stock a huge range of bottled drinks, embracing best selling brands and of course water. To find out more, speak to your Account Manager. You know it makes sense!

Fringe Benefits for High Flyers at Manchester Airport


As a valued customer of Broderick’s or Manchester Vending, did you know that you – and your staff - are entitled to join our High Flyers Club? We’ve just launched our High Flyer’s Club so that you can start your holidays in style, every time they fly from Manchester Airport.

You may not know it, but we operate vending services and coffee shops at Europe’s No1 regional airport, which is used by an astonishing 22 million travellers every year and now, you can enjoy discounts in our coffee shops simply by joining our High Flyers Club. Membership is completely free and it’s simple to join.

All your people need to do is drop us an e-mail to members@broderickscoffee.com, telling us where they work. Once they’re verified, they’re in. It’s that easy! And, by the way, did you know that anybody who’s prepared to perform their party trick – maybe sing a song or play a musical instrument – will get a coffee and one of Broderick’s famous bacon butties for free? Maybe we’ll uncover a star in your midst! We look after your staff when they’re at work, so let us look after them when they take off on their well-earned break. Please pass this news on to your staff. We promise you, they’ll be glad you did!

Double Winners!

John Broderick Snr Award photo

Great news!  Broderick’s has been named as both ‘Best National Vending Operator’ and ‘Best Regional Vending Operator’ at the Vending Industry’s inaugural awards.  Organised by vending trade body the AVA, (Automatic Vending Association of Great Britain), the VIAs are our industry’s equivalent of the Oscars. The awards recognise that we lead the way in vending when it comes to hygiene standards and quality of service. Additionally, the double victory acknowledges that we’re leading the industry in the use of Digital Touch Screen media vending machines. With 100 screens already placed at Manchester Airport and other key locations, many major brands have already embraced our new advertising channel, which we call ‘the new space to put your face!’

‘Our on-screen advertising is reaching 30 million people a year’, John Broderick said, ‘and that eclipses the majority of UK TV channels.’
We’re also acknowledged as being at the vanguard of payment technology. The stereotypical image of vending is of people searching through their pockets in search of the required coins; but soon, such frustrations will be ‘history’. ‘We have a ‘pay your way’ approach’, said MD John Broderick. ‘We have machines that are capable of accepting coins and notes in various currencies, as well as by technology such as wave and pay; chip and pin... you name it. The only things our machines won’t accept are ‘IOUs’!

Vending is the leading edge of retailing and to prove that to the public, we’re taking on the High Street; for example by providing sophisticated consumers with a wide choice of drink and meal deals, dispensed by a variety of state-of-the-art vending machines but ordered via a single, easy to use, touch-screen terminal, that takes not just cash, but virtually any payment method. We think that’s the future of retailing, and, thanks to these recent awards, its clear that the vending industry agreed with us. We’d like to thank all our customers, large and small, for their continuing support and we’d like to congratulate you all. These are your awards, too!

Join Us To Experience The Digital Age!

As a valued customer, I’d like to invite you to join me to take a look at our brand new showroom and to experience for yourself the breath-taking potential of state-of-the-art digital vending. You’ll get the VIP treatment you deserve: you’ll be collected from your place of business and driven to Broderick’s HQ. We’ll enjoy a bite of lunch and a catch up, but best of all you’ll have the opportunity to test-drive our game-changing drinks and snacks machines. I could send you pictures of our new products and they say ‘a picture paints a thousand words’, but believe me, getting your hands on the best that vending technology has to offer in speaks volumes.

As you know, we were double winners at the recent AVA Vending Industry Awards and we’re proud of our reputation for hygiene, efficiency and reliability. However, once you’ve seen what’s new, we think you’ll agree that Broderick’s is also at the vanguard of the digital revolution in vending.

I very much hope that you’ll take this opportunity to take a look-see! Just drop me an e-mail, we’ll synchronise our diaries and take it from there. I’m looking forward to welcoming you!


Warburton’s New Snacks Range Gets Our On-Screen Media Treatment


Warburton’s, the UK’s largest bakery brand, has become the first company in the country to create a digital media campaign specifically for our burgeoning digital media channel.
We call it, ‘the new space to put your face!’ We’ve harnessed the power of the 21-inch HD screens installed on our vending machines, to display TV style-adverts and Warburton’s is using the medium to promote its range of snacks, ‘Warburton’s Escapes’. The campaign will run on 100 high-definition screens, fitted to vending machines that are situated in areas of significant ‘dwell time’: in other words, places where people congregate, such as airport check-in desks.

As our MD, John Broderick said, ‘Broderick’s is a unique channel because it’s the only one that allows people to satisfy that impulse to buy immediately.’ Warburton’s’ investment in this ‘exciting new digital media channel’ indicates that the company recognises the growing importance of the vending sector, in which demand for healthier alternatives to ‘traditional’ snacks continues to grow.

Made from pitta bread and with 45% less fat than potato chips, ‘Warburton’s Escapes’ fulfils the ‘healthier’ brief.
Jonathan Warburton, Chairman of Warburton’s, told us: ‘focusing on new sectors allows us to reach new customers, while also complementing our core bakery range and the products that families across the UK know and love.’

‘Broderick’s gives brands access to over 50m ‘viewers’ each year and that number is growing constantly’, John said. ‘The public response to the machines has been very encouraging and the more astute brands have been quick to recognise the potential and take advantage of it.’